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Download Cheat Engine 6.2 for Mac

February 7 2019:Cheat Engine 6.8.3 Released:

New version with a bunch of improvements to make using CE easier and some bugfixes Download: Cheat Engine 6.8.3

Please report bugs and give suggestions for improvements


  • debugging/stepping with hotkeys
  • several high DPI visual glitches
  • VEH debugger reattach works again
  • Pointerscan resume works again
  • Stackview can now show by reference , previously it did nothing
  • disassembling imul
  • speedhack while key down option
  • assembling values with x*2/4/8
  • the "resume thread" in the threadlist now resumes threads instead of freezing them
  • fixed an error popping up when editing registers with no debugger attached
  • getNameFromAddress will not show userdefined symbols when symbols are disabled

  • Additions and Changes:
  • Waiting till all symbols have been loaded has been removed
  • Launching structure compare from dissect data now only needs 1 address, though it's recommended to have at least 2 each
  • Code completion in lua engine is now more smoother
  • You can now compare traces generated by the tracer
  • Threadlist window now has a copy to clipboard
  • Structure compare now digs deeper into pointers
  • Pointerscan import/export now works with newer types as well
  • Better Lua comment support
  • Added rudimentary sort to the structure compare window (based on levelwidth only)
  • Referenced strings now also shows if it's unicode
  • Formdesigner now has a context menu to add undocumented controls

  • Lua:
  • added enumMemoryRegions
  • added getWriteLog (Let's you get the writelog and activate it)
  • HexadecimalView: added the OnCharacterRender and OnValueRender events

  • Post release patches:
    02/11/2019: Don't search addresslist entries in PDB when still loading and give an option to quit slow load
    02/17/2019: Fixed speedhack giving an error first time activating and removed a message when using ctrl and scanning

    December 24 2018:Cheat Engine 6.8.2 Released:

    Here's a new version for the hollidays. Mainly minor improvements and some small bugfixes, but also a new 'ultimap like' feature called Code Filter for which you don't need any special hardware for. (Just an extensive list of addresses) Download: Cheat Engine 6.8.2


  • Disassembler: Several disassembler instructions had a comma too many or too few ,fixed those
  • Disassembler: Fixed the description for ret #
  • Disassembler/Debug: Fixed the address that is being edited when a breakpoint hits while editing an instruction
  • Assembler: Fixed assembling reg*2/4/8+unquotedsymbol
  • Plugin: Fixed the SDK for C plugins that use the disassembler callback
  • Hotkeys: Fixed the attach to foreground hotkey
  • Memory Scan: Fixed the percentage scan
  • Memory Scan: Fixed a rare situation that could cause an error
  • Memory Scan: Simple values now works with groupscan
  • Memory Scan Lua: Scanfiles now also get deleted if the memory scan object is freed before the scan is fully done
  • Fill Memory: Now allows 64-bit addresses
  • Structure Dissect: Fixed the popupmenu "change type" so it now affects all selected entries instead of just the first
  • PointerOrPointee window: Fix the debug pointer or pointee window button text when using access instead of writes
  • GUI: Fixed and restored the DPI Aware option in setting
  • GUI: Some DPI fixes/adjustments here and there
  • Graphical Memory view: Fixed DPI issues
  • Symbolhandler: When the symbolhandler now waits till it's done, it won't wait for the structures to be parsed anymore

  • Additions and Changes:

  • Lua Engine: Added autocomplete
  • DLL injection: On DLL injection failure CE tries to fall back on forced injection methods
  • Assembler: Added multibyte NOP
  • Plugins: Plugins can now have side dll's that are statically linked in their own folder (Windows 7 with updates and later)
  • Debugging: Improved the FPU window editing when single stepping, allowing you to change the FPU registers
  • Debugging: Threadview now updates when single stepping and cnanges made there will affect the currently debugged thread (before it didn't)
  • Debugging: Added Code Filter. This lets you filter out code based on if it has been executed or not (Uses software breakpoints)
  • Debugging: Added an option to chose if you wish to break on unexpected breakpoints, and if CE should break on unexpected breakpoints, or only on specified regions (like AA scripts)
  • Disassembler: The comments now show multiple parameters
  • Pointerscan: Add option to allow negative offset scanning
  • Pointerscan: Add extra types to the display
  • Advanced Options/CodeList: Now uses symbolnames
  • Tutorial Game: Added a levelskip option when you've solved a step
  • Tutorial Game: Added a secondary test
  • Compare memory: Added a limit to the number of address values shown per row (can be changed)
  • Address List: When the option to deactivate children is set, the children will get deactivated first
  • Memory Scan: Add a lua script in autorun that lets you specify which module to scan

  • Lua:
  • ExecuteCodeEx(Let's you execute code in the target and pass parameters)
  • Added 2 new parameters to getNameFromAddress (ModuleNames and Symbols)
  • Added addModule and deleteModule to the symbollist class
  • Added the ModuleLoader class which can force load dll's
  • Fixed endUpdate for the listview

  • Thanks go out to SER[G]ANT for updating the russion translation files already

    June 23 2018:Cheat Engine 6.8.1 Released:

    Apparently 6.8 contained a couple of annoying bugs, so here's an update that should hopefully resolve most issues.
    Also a few new features that can come handy
    Download: Cheat Engine 6.8.1


  • Fixed several issues with the structure compare
  • Fixed the commonality scanner from picking up unrelated registers for comparison
  • Fixed speedhack hotkeys
  • Fixed ultimap 1
  • Fixed a bunch of random access violations
  • Fixed Lua dissectCode.getStringReferences now also returns the string
  • Fixed Lua breakpoints that specify a specific function
  • Fixed Lua toAddress when the 2nd parameter is an address
  • Fixed assembling xmm,m32
  • Fixed issue when disassembling AVX instructions
  • Fixed rightclicking r8-r9 in the registers window
  • Fixed the plugin system for DBVM
  • Fixed DBVM memory allocations when smaller than 4KB

  • Additions and changes:
  • Added translation strings for the all type settings
  • You can now drop files into the auto assembler
  • auto assembler commands allocnx (allocate no execute) and allocxo (allocate execute only)
  • The memoryview windows's hexadecimalview now shows the allocationbase as well, and can be doubleclicked to go there
  • Added support for mono dll's that do not export g_free
  • Changed "make page writable" to multiple options
  • Improved DBVM speed slightly

  • Lua:
  • added RemoteThread class object

  • June 8 2018:Cheat Engine 6.8 Released:

    Cheat Engine 6.8 has been released. Lots of new features like structure compare, AVX disassembling support, lua functions, etc...
    Download: <revoked>
    If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them in the forum, bugtracker or by e-mail.
    And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the forum


  • Fixed some more high dpi issues
  • Fixed issues with the dropdown list in memory records
  • Fixed pointer offset symbols not calculating properly
  • Fixed registered binutils
  • Fixed graphical issues with the tablist
  • Fixed issue where memory blocks would get cut of before the page end
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed some graphical issues in the addresslist
  • Fixed rightclick on r8 and r9 in memoryview
  • Fixed disassembling some instructions
  • Fixed DBVM so it works on windows 1709 and later (tested on 1803)
  • Fixed several DBVM offload crashes
  • Fixed freeze with allow increase/decrease for 8 byte long values
  • Fixed several issues where minimizing a window and then close it would hang CE
  • Fixed file scanning
  • Fixed crashes when editing memory in some some emulators

  • Additions and changes:
  • Text editor improvements
  • Added hundreds of new cpu instructions
  • Mono now has some new features like instancing of objects
  • Mono instances window is now a treeview where you can see the fields and values
  • "find what addresses this code accesses" can also be used on RET instructions now (useful to find callers)
  • The graphical memory view now has a lot more options to set it just the way you need
  • Codepage support in hexview
  • structure data from PDB files can now be used, and are stored in a database for lookup later
  • dissect structures form can now show a list of known structures (pdb, mono, ...)
  • Added a "revert to saved scan" option (lets you undo changes)
  • Added a "forgot scan" option (in case you forgot what you're doing)
  • Pointerscan limit nodes is default on in a new ce install (remembers your choice when you disable it)
  • Autoattach now happens using a thread instead of a gui blocking timer
  • Some colorscheme enhancements
  • Added a DBVM based "Find what writes/accesses" feature. (For pro users, enable kernelmode options for it to show)
  • Changed the dissect data setup from seperate yes/no/value dialogs to a single window
  • Added a bypass option for ultimap2 on windows 1709. When using ranges, do not use interrupts, or use DBVM
  • Added find what writes/access to the foundlist
  • Autoassembler scriptblocks are now grouped when written to memory
  • Added {$try}/{$except} to auto assembler scripts
  • Added an extra tutorial/practice target
  • Added cut/copy/paste context menu items to pointer offset fields in add/change address, and added a context menu to the pointer destination
  • Added an automated structure compare for two groups of addresses to find ways to distinguish between them

  • lua:
  • added automatic garbage collection and settings to configure it
  • added new functions:
  • gc_setPassive
  • gc_setActive
  • reinitializeSelfSymbolhandler
  • registerStructureAndElementListCallback
  • showSelectionList
  • changed the getWindowlist output
  • MainForm.OnProcessOpened (better use this instead of onOpenProcess)
  • enumStructureForms
  • cpuid
  • getHotkeyHandlerThread
  • bunch of dbvm_ functions (needs dbvm capable cpu, and intel only atm)
  • and more, including class methods and fields (read celua.txt)

  • Minor patches:
      06/08/2018: - Fixed speedhack hotkey speed asignments and some commonalityscanner issues   06/09/2018: - Fixed only when down speedhack option   06/10/2018: - Fixed ultimap1 - Fixed ultimap2 on some systems - Fixed enableDRM() from crashing - Fixed one disassembler instruction

    Russian translation has been updated